About - Employers Intelligence

I frequently come across unusual insights. Seemingly small observations with game-changing potential.

The obvious question is, what should I do with all this?

Subjects touch on…

  • Search Strategies
  • Vanishing Candidates
  • Payroll Pressures
  • Employees and Automation
  • Business Development
  • Government Regulations
  • Inflation
  • Stock Prices and Dividends

They often extend beyond typical recruiting activity.
And, honestly, some write-ups can get long, when I explore themes in depth.

I do it, because I believe it’s important.

You and I might never meet.
So, I offer my studies here, in Employers Intelligence.

Hopefully, a great idea will find a way to cross your path.
And maybe, one day, you’ll be able to run with it. -TD

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Employers’ Dilemma


Cutting payroll, going into a recession?  Think carefully. Demographics suggest rebuilding may be tough. Going into a recession, companies will consider how to get small. Inevitably, Employers will look to cut payroll. It’s a time-tested strategy, but times have changed. The demographics no longer favor that plan. Re-building a team in the future is going…

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The Power of Mission


A sense of purpose is essential to achieving your goals.  Here’s another example of a powerful mission overcoming the labor shortage.  My son Max suggested lunch at the strangely named BLOC Coffee Company, while I was in Cincinnati.  The restaurant is oddly located in the Incline District of Price Hill.  It’s an area where the…

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Tell Me Why


At the heart of it, a Job Posting is a Sales Letter.  It has to change minds.  You may think I have that backwards. After all, it’s the employer who’s paying the money. The employer is the purchaser. Historically, you would be correct.  Once upon a time, the job post was an offer to buy….

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UPS Delivers The Logical Conclusion


Here’s something to ponder.  One company hires, based entirely on character and motivation.  Really.  Then UPS rolls out its quick-hire strategy with no background check, at all.  At the same time, many thousands of professionals lose their jobs, based on principle.  What’s going on?  I’m not going to develop this deeply.  I’m not sure I…

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