About - Employers Intelligence

I frequently come across unusual insights. Seemingly small observations with game-changing potential.

The obvious question is, what should I do with all this?

Subjects touch on…

  • Search Strategies
  • Vanishing Candidates
  • Payroll Pressures
  • Employees and Automation
  • Business Development
  • Government Regulations
  • Inflation
  • Stock Prices and Dividends

They often extend beyond typical recruiting activity.
And, honestly, some write-ups can get long, when I explore themes in depth.

I do it, because I believe it’s important.

You and I might never meet.
So, I offer my studies here, in Employers Intelligence.

Hopefully, a great idea will find a way to cross your path.
And maybe, one day, you’ll be able to run with it. -TD

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Big Plans For Small Companies


Mergers and Acquisitions (M&A) seem fancy and sophisticated, until you notice everybody’s doing it.  Small companies are being snapped up at a ferocious pace.  And the lists of publicly traded companies (on stock exchanges) has been cut in half.  Doing business with this crowd is going to take a special touch. An excellent Candidate, doing…

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Tell Me Why


At the heart of it, a Job Posting is a Sales Letter.  It has to change minds.  You may think I have that backwards. After all, it’s the employer who’s paying the money. The employer is the purchaser. Historically, you would be correct.  Once upon a time, the job post was an offer to buy….

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