Here’s A Look At What We Do


Each search is tailored to the special interests of the client, but the basis of my recruiting process is absolutely classic.

Outlined below, these typical steps work toward finding the perfect fit for an opportunity and a top level candidate.


The steps become more powerful when I'm privileged to know my client extremely well. I visit the facilities, meet the people, and learn the issues. Naturally, I become more effective, and my instincts become highly reliable.


Long-standing clients learn they can accelerate the recruiting process by projecting intermediate and long-term requirements.

Advance work creates the effect of nearly instant results when the actual need arises.

Basic Steps

Assignments include the best job description possible.
  • Functions and responsibilities of the position.
  • Candidate Background and Education requirements.
  • Pay range and realistic first year income.
Specifications include your
Wish List and
Minimum Requirements

Company information is important, too.
Size, culture, some idea of the future.

I rely on direct input from the immediate manager.

How does the manager like to work?
What is the objective?
What has or hasn't worked in the past?
How does a really exceptional employee do this work?

From this, we build our target Candidate description.

The Big Question:
Why should a candidate
leave an employer and
come over to join you?

(I usually find out before you do!)

Interlocking search strategies draw out superior candidates by processing through the entire market.

Multiple searchers, each doing the same thing, only see surface opportunities. Using diverse techniques simultaneously, I work deeper, finding more substantial candidates. This is especially helpful during unstable conditions, when the effectiveness of any approach may suddenly rise or fall.

An Extensive Proprietary Database
Face-to-Face Networking
Social Media
Advanced On-Line Search Techniques
Inbound Attraction Strategies
Conventional Internet Posting

Early in the search, a Benchmark Candidate is identified.
  • The Benchmark Candidate is the earliest, most obvious example of a possible match.
  • Future candidates are compared to the Benchmark Candidate.
  • Your feedback on the Benchmark Candidate modifies the direction of the search.

Speed and Accuracy always
accelerate from a
quality discussion of the
Benchmark Candidate.

Candidates are often
interviewed 2 or 3 times to confirm a match.
The Candidate Presentation Package includes a
Check List demonstrating specifically
how the Candidate is a match.
Reference Checks may include
detailed transcripts for the Hiring Authority.

There is an element of sales in the recruiting process.

Merely finding qualified candidates is only the starting point.

Understanding candidates' motivations is essential to helping them appreciate new opportunities.

Typically, the best candidates are
already employed, and they are not
actively looking for an opportunity.

Candidates become attracted to an opportunity when it appeals to their personal needs and interests. That is when they may be inspired to make a change.

Prior to the offer, I confirm that every pertinent question has been addressed to everyone's satisfaction.

In this way, we can assume that the written offer simply states everything that has already been agreed to verbally.

There are no surprises.
Nothing else to negotiate.

I participate in the offer process to the extent you wish, including preparing and delivering the offer and confirming receipt of the signed acceptance.

I check in with the new employee
  • During the first week
  • At the end of the first month
  • After about 90 days
  • After about a year.
I frequently make one of those contacts in person.

My interest is to be sure that

  • The candidate is “as represented”
  • Everything I told the candidate about the company and the job is accurate.
  • The match is successful and the candidate sticks.