It’s About Time.

Isn’t that what recruiting really comes down to?

Yesterday, you didn’t need help.
Today, your perfect team is under pressure.

Tomorrow, you’ll either attack a problem.
  Or you’ll re-balance your team.
But you can’t do both at the same time.

Bending Time

I have good news.

If you’re a Systems Integrator,
Or if your company uses automation,

I started working for you decades ago.

No obligation.

When you’re ready,
we can catch up fast.


Time Invested

My name is Ted.
I’m a recruiter.

Over time, I’ve worked to...

  • Understand our changing industries,
  • Follow the players,
  • Meet the people.

I do alot of that in person.

I show up at…

  • Industry events,
  • Corporate tours, and
  • Candidate visits, chatting wherever we have the opportunity.

I’ve written about most of it, evaluating where the trends might take us.

You can read summaries in my subscription-only e-letter. It’s free. Just click here to register.

Your Faster Future

Here’s why all that matters.
When I focus on learning about...

  • Your team, in
  • Your company, and
  • Your industry

…there’s a good chance that my instincts will become very accurate.

It’s so effective. I include it as the foundation for my
Search Process.

Ted Dieck Recruiter
The Short Version

At the heart of it...

I work directly for companies I'm proud to represent.
I introduce them to candidates I believe in.

My client is my partner.

I only do work we both value.

And that drives great searches.

Don’t You Think It’s About Time?

Drop me a line.

Let’s schedule a confidential call.

I’d be delighted to discuss whatever is important to you.

All the best,

Ted Dieck
(Theodore D. Dieck)