About - Employers Intelligence

I frequently come across unusual insights. Seemingly small observations with game-changing potential.

The obvious question is, what should I do with all this?

Subjects touch on…

  • Search Strategies
  • Vanishing Candidates
  • Payroll Pressures
  • Employees and Automation
  • Business Development
  • Government Regulations
  • Inflation
  • Stock Prices and Dividends

They often extend beyond typical recruiting activity.
And, honestly, some write-ups can get long, when I explore themes in depth.

I do it, because I believe it’s important.

You and I might never meet.
So, I offer my studies here, in Employers Intelligence.

Hopefully, a great idea will find a way to cross your path.
And maybe, one day, you’ll be able to run with it. -TD

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Surprising Price Of Pay Pressure


How can I talk about pay pressure when there’s no earnings movement in sight?  Well, when the pressure’s on, money isn’t the only thing that moves.  Talent moves, too. Do you wonder if maybe I’ve got the pay thing wrong? I talk about rising pay pressures, and yet I also write about employers low-balling candidates….

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Ethan Allen Consolidates and Automates


Here’s another company that made big cuts early, reinvesting in technology to make up the difference.   Note: In each of our examples, we are only now seeing the results and benefits of work that began more than a year ago. Here’s a link to Jim Cramer’s excellent interview with Ethan Allen (ETH 15.34) CEO…

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