About - Employers Intelligence

I frequently come across unusual insights. Seemingly small observations with game-changing potential.

The obvious question is, what should I do with all this?

Subjects touch on…

  • Search Strategies
  • Vanishing Candidates
  • Payroll Pressures
  • Employees and Automation
  • Business Development
  • Government Regulations
  • Inflation
  • Stock Prices and Dividends

They often extend beyond typical recruiting activity.
And, honestly, some write-ups can get long, when I explore themes in depth.

I do it, because I believe it’s important.

You and I might never meet.
So, I offer my studies here, in Employers Intelligence.

Hopefully, a great idea will find a way to cross your path.
And maybe, one day, you’ll be able to run with it. -TD

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Struggling With A Search?


Let’s get you on the right path.  The fix is straight forward, and the results are dramatic, simply by reinstating important principals that always belong in any quality search. WARNING:  Sensitive readers should go no further.  Direct language and harsh reality dead ahead. When I get a call, asking for help, it doesn’t take long…

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What The Heck Is Passive Recruiting?


Passive Recruiting has gained popularity with U.S. recruiters, because of the nature of today’s markets.  If you suddenly find yourself in a discussion about Passive Recruiting, here’s what you’ll need to know… “Passive Recruiting” is industry shorthand for “Recruiting Passive Candidates.” To be honest, it’s actually pretty darned aggressive, if you ask me. It is…

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Dice: Tech Professionals Enjoy Biggest Pay Raise In A Decade.


Seven job markets surge double digits, lead by Pittsburgh at 18%, year over year. – Dice. Dice, the Tech world’s job posting site, reports a tightening market and rising wages for 2012. Tech professionals, on average, earned 5% more in 2012 than they made in 2011. And that’s just the average. It’s the largest boost…

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What Is An Engineer Worth?


In a society where husbands and wives notoriously fail to discuss money issues with each other, how can third party income surveys possibly be accurate? As the Jobs Markets continue to churn, I’m in frequent conversations about the value of engineers. Employers seem startled by pay rates that appear to be creeping higher. Some reach…

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