Dice: Tech Professionals Enjoy Biggest Pay Raise In A Decade.

By Ted Dieck | Employers Intelligence - Compensation - Employee Relations - Pick | Feb 5, 2013

Seven job markets surge double digits, lead by Pittsburgh at 18%, year over year. – Dice.

Dice, the Tech world’s job posting site, reports a tightening market and rising wages for 2012. Tech professionals, on average, earned 5% more in 2012 than they made in 2011. And that’s just the average.

It’s the largest boost in a decade.

While I don’t currently post to the site, I do respect Dice’s reputation.

And I certainly can confirm that candidates are solidly confident that they can promptly land a new – and better – job.

Employers Get The Message

As a result, employers are stepping up to the plate to retain and motivate staff, pretty much anyway they can.

Did you see my picture from the tour of Infusionsoft in Chandler, AZ? The lobby is a football field. There’s a lounge for taking a nap. The cereal bar is restocked daily. This is a n-i-c-e place to work.

“Employers are recognizing and adjusting to the reality of a tight market,” said Scot Melland, Chairman, President and CEO of Dice Holdings, Inc. “The fact is, you either pay to recruit or pay to retain. And these days, at least for technology teams, companies are doing both.”