UPS Delivers The Logical Conclusion

By Ted Dieck | Employers Intelligence - Employee Relations | Nov 15, 2021

Here’s something to ponder.  One company hires, based entirely on character and motivation.  Really.  Then UPS rolls out its quick-hire strategy with no background check, at all.  At the same time, many thousands of professionals lose their jobs, based on principle.  What’s going on? 

I’m not going to develop this deeply.  I’m not sure I can.  

You’ll probably get more value if you think it through on your own. 

Here’s what we know…


I was first fascinated by Adam Genei’s team-building strategies.  “Bring me character and motivation,” he says, “and we’ll provide the rest.” 

I wrote about him in a piece called FABTECH Keynote Says It All.”

That was just two months ago. 


While I’m trying to decide if this highly-principled approach would work for typical American corporations, I realized thatThe Rules Just Changed Again.”

In that article, I noticed that Candidates were bringing battled-tested, character-based values to the table, expecting Hiring Authorities to measure up. 

As somebody so magnificently put it:  Attention Hiring Managers, you are now the Candidate. 

The UPS Quick-Hire Strategy

I had read about the very aggressive hiring strategy UPS had rolled out.  In a sense, it was the logical conclusion to the two articles I had just written. 

If character is the single most important thing to hire for, and if you clearly need a lot of people… Why wouldn’t you immediately hire anyone who strikes you as the real deal? 

I suppose, if you can hire fast, you can always find ways to lose the losers.  

This whole attitude is so foreign to me.  I want to like it, but is it even true? 

God Helps Out

Just to make things a little easier, God strapped a gentleman from UPS into an airplane seat next to me.  For an hour, he had no way to escape.  

I learned he had served the company for years, on the logistics side.  He was promoted up from there. 

I had to ask, “Does UPS really hire people in under 10 minutes, with no background check?”

Answer:  No. It takes about a half an hour.

TD:  How long did it take them to hire you?

Answer:  Six weeks.

You Tell Me

So, there you have it.  Something very big is going on. 

We can agree that it’s different. 

And, well, it’s big. 

And… what? 

Tell me what you’re seeing and what you’re thinking. 

I’m interested. 

All the best,  TD