The Rules Just Changed Again

By Ted Dieck | Employers Intelligence - Employee Relations | Nov 4, 2021

I highly recommend to employers that you review your identity and your values.  I mean really understand them. 

That’s what Candidates are doing for themselves, right now.  They’ll have questions for you. 

This is not just a matter of remembering happy slogans about delivering value to your customers.  Or “Our company is a family.”  

A major attitude change has kicked in, and whoever you think you are, and whatever you believe, you are about to be tested. 

I get that you have already been under absurd pressures all year.  We don’t need to run down that list.  We’ll probably agree about everything important. 

The Big Picture 

We are well aware that the US government identified “essential businesses” and, in the name of healthcare, crushed many others.  Money flowed to all the right places. 

Lockdowns, mandates, censorship, suspension of law and due process, the disruption of families, and a generous dose of fear have all coordinated to keep individuals isolated. 

Here’s What’s Different 

Over time, restrictions built like a pressure cooker.  Now the push-back is here.  

Some people —many in authority— have buckled. 

Other perfectly normal people have developed amazing strength, and it’s starting to show. 

Accurate information has found new ways to reach the public.
Useful dialogue is emerging, with room for differing opinions.
Citizens are reclaiming their freedom to assemble.
And, amazingly, they seem to be doing it without arson and looting. 

We’ll probably develop this subject more completely in the future. 

For now, I want to emphasize that the recently unemployed include:
– Doctors
– Nurses
– Emergency Medical Responders
– Police
– Fire Fighters
– All branches of the military
– Pilots
– Professors
– Teachers
– Trash Collectors
…and many, many others. 

These people stood firm on constitutional issues, and thousands more are prepared to give up their jobs to retain their identity, their rights, and their principles. 

One day you will come face-to-face with professionals who have literally laid it all on the line. 

Will you be prepared to discuss core values and demonstrate what you stand for?