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Struggling With A Search?

Let’s get you on the right path.  The fix is straight forward, and the results are dramatic, simply by reinstating important principals that always belong in any quality search.

WARNING:  Sensitive readers should go no further.  Direct language and harsh reality dead ahead.

When I get a call, asking for help, it doesn’t take long to figure out whether we’re working on a Grand Strategy or just fighting the latest emergency.

Most of the time, it’s an emergency.  Or, it’s a developing emergency, featuring a search that’s been lost in the shallows for half a year or more.

We don’t need to replay the misery of these situations.  I think everybody’s got a pretty good handle on the misery part.

What I do want to highlight is that search problems, strangely enough, are usually self-imposed. And they can become deeply entrenched.

As time passes, reliable solutions may seem out of reach to resistant managers, who have been on the defensive for way too long.

So, let’s see if we can fix that, OK?


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What The Heck Is Passive Recruiting?

Passive Recruiting has gained popularity with U.S. recruiters, because of the nature of today’s markets.  If you suddenly find yourself in a discussion about Passive Recruiting, here’s what you’ll need to know…

“Passive Recruiting” is industry shorthand for “Recruiting Passive Candidates.”

To be honest, it’s actually pretty darned aggressive, if you ask me.

It is used in tight labor markets, especially when classic recruiting strategies are not producing good results.


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Dice: Tech Professionals Enjoy Biggest Pay Raise In A Decade.

Seven job markets surge double digits, lead by Pittsburgh at 18%, year over year. – Dice.

Dice, the Tech world’s job posting site, reports a tightening market and rising wages for 2012. Tech professionals, on average, earned 5% more in 2012 than they made in 2011. And that’s just the average.

It’s the largest boost in a decade.

While I don’t currently post to the site, I do respect Dice’s reputation.

And I certainly can confirm that candidates are solidly confident that they can promptly land a new – and better – job.


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The Impact Of Inflation On Long Term Contracts

How can prices keep rising, while the Consumer Price Index barely moves? Do low interest rates mean we have no inflation? There’s nothing here we have to worry about, right? (Right?)

I attended a meeting this week that included negotiation of a five year contract. The employee had written his own renewal agreement, extending his current employment.

Pay, bonuses, and refinements were negotiated with a committee representing the employer. The process concluded with everyone signing off on the modified document, and the meeting adjourned in good spirits.

So far, so good.


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Invisible Candidates

Job Seekers want to look like your next hire. If you’re not hiring, they’ll begin to look like somebody else’s next hire.

Recently, I was talking to an incoming client. A slightly frustrated Hiring Authority explained that he couldn’t find good candidates. In particular, he said, key word searches on the internet don’t seem to be effective.

At the time, I didn’t delve into what kind of search strategies he was actually using. Let’s assume he was doing everything right, and amazingly, all the good candidates had disappeared.

What’s up?

The incredible vanishing candidate effect happens, in some form, after every recession. It’s a little worse this time around, because there are a lot of old baby boomers packing it in. I’m going to skip over the demographics, this time, and let’s get right to the vanishing part.


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Quote of the Week 4/6/11

Here’s a two-step plan to have happy employees:

1) Find some happy people. 2) Hire them.

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Innoculating Against Healthcare

When the spirit of our country moves from leaving citizens alone, so they can at least try to be happy – to grabbing whatever we can, to be sure we all get what’s coming to us – then we share the mentality of peasants storming a castle.  The election results are in.  The actual results are not.

Time to look in on the health care monstrosity.  We don’t need to review my opinion about how fundamentally wrong I believe this is.  That would be repetitive.  We can now witness what is actually happening as this outrage begins crushing its way into our lives.


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Quote of The Week 10/06/10

Now that you’ve found someone who can think outside of the box, do you have any idea what to do with him? – Ted Dieck

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Surprising Price Of Pay Pressure

How can I talk about pay pressure when there’s no earnings movement in sight?  Well, when the pressure’s on, money isn’t the only thing that moves.  Talent moves, too.

Do you wonder if maybe I’ve got the pay thing wrong?

I talk about rising pay pressures, and yet I also write about employers low-balling candidates.

So which is it? Is pay going up, or is pay going down?

First, I’ll give you the technical answer. (Which is “Yes, it’s going up.”)

Then I’ll give you a really cool perspective. You can decide for yourself what you see.


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Ethan Allen Consolidates and Automates

Here’s another company that made big cuts early, reinvesting in technology to make up the difference.   Note: In each of our examples, we are only now seeing the results and benefits of work that began more than a year ago.

Here’s a link to Jim Cramer’s excellent interview with Ethan Allen (ETH 15.34) CEO Farrooq Kathwari on July 29, 2010:

Cramer – Kathwari interview video

Mr. Kathwari began the interview by describing the crushing collapse of business in the Great Recession. Of course, layoffs were inevitable. And being a vertically integrated company, the setbacks were even more brutal.

We have seen many companies react badly during this period, kicking everything into neutral, and trying to hunker down until the beatings stopped. In a sea of indecision and negativity, few had the willpower or foresight to do much more than cut costs and hold on tight.

This is not Mr. Kathwari’s style.  Continued…

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