Cost Cutting Creates Opportunity

By Ted Dieck | Employers Intelligence - Search | Dec 5, 2023

I’ve seen this before.  The first round of payroll cuts eliminates the low producers.  The next cuts are interesting.  They drop high-cost, high-producers, who have a reduced chance of success.  We’re there.

I’ve come across a flurry of high-priced turn-around specialists who were released, without notice.

This wasn’t their failure to perform.  Generally, ownership couldn’t see near-term justification to continue their relationship.

Often, that’s because the employer doesn’t have enough resources to support a long-term strategy.

Buying Opportunity

It doesn’t matter whether Upper Management was right to fold.

What matters is, we may have the beginnings of a buyer’s market for high-producing managers.

Recruiter’s View

We could be entering a once in a decade opportunity.  Previously unavailable high-producers are surprised to find themselves on the market.

If you are a stable employer, with good prospects, you might be able to make a deal.