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Sooner or later, everything in real life influences the jobs markets. So, our topics here range all over the place.

In our search to discover and share what’s really going on, we are particularly trying to answer the questions:

  • Where will jobs be created (and why?)
  • Where will jobs be destroyed (and why?)

This is my commentary on what I see and what I think it means.

People sometimes ask my opinion, because they assume a Recruiter’s activity can be a useful indicator.

And in fact, it’s true that I can pick up on changes in the business environment months ahead of the published numbers.

Understanding the implications of those changes is the trick. Daily conversations with business leaders give me the equivalent of perpetual survey results. And talking to candidates is the perfect reality check.

Ultimately, then, my evaluation is largely formed as an extension of what many, many others have been kind enough to share with me.

So, when you think I’ve got it wrong, I encourage you to tell me what you see from your side of the mountain.

We’re all trying to figure this out together.

Thanks for being a part of our effort!


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