My Biggest Pitch Ever

By Ted Dieck | Recruiter’s View - General Stuff - Political Commentary - Recent | Aug 9, 2010

That was strange. I just recommended 4,000 people for employment.

This morning, I did just the bare minimum to keep a promise I made last week.

I sent an e-mail to the media. Well, I sent it to one guy.

It was kind of scary, actually. It took me three days to hit the send button.

Here’s my one sentence summary:
Cutting NASA jobs threatens our national security, reduces our talent base, and encourages our brightest to go work for another country.

First Reactions

It’s funny. Face-to-face, I get enthusiastic support from people. They say things to me similar to what I wrote, and they haven’t read my posting.

From a distance, professionals with good business sense are more likely to take a step back, just to be sure I don’t get anything on them.

I totally understand.

I read and re-read my August 4 blog called “NASA, We Have A Problem.”

For sure, it’s a little over the top. I finally decided, that to draw attention to a major issue, I do have to draw attention.

I published it.

Now, This Important Disclaimer

Here’s the note I added at the bottom of my e-mail requesting attention to the NASA layoffs.  I think it’s an important one…

Please note: NASA employees tell me they sign a statement when they hire on, guaranteeing that they won’t say anything negative about the government. I don’t know any of the people who have been laid off, and I haven’t searched them out. I have no support or participation from any organization that might be related to them. I gave a Heads Up that I would try to rally support for these Americans. I didn’t request a response. There is no correspondence from anyone regarding this matter. They all have a great deal to lose. So do we.

Here’s hoping it helps.

Hang in there, America!