Welcome To Me!

By Ted Dieck | Recruiter’s View - General Stuff | Oct 7, 2009

Sometimes it’s hard to tell exactly where the starting points are.

A year ago, I had just gotten my wonderful new computer; and I had found the On Switch.  Then I remember sitting in a hotel room, calling tech support, trying to salvage my e-mail.

On January 21 of this year, I posted my very first blog entry over on a completely different website.

It was scary at the time, but I took courage in the idea that nobody knew where to find my blog, and nobody cared what I was writing about, anyway.

Under cover of anonymity, I was all clear to document and analyze the fall of the entire global economy.   Very exciting stuff, watching major international corporations blow up over a weekend.  Good blog fodder.

February was a pretty intense time.  My blog reports started feeding into the e-letter that was publishing faster and faster.

Candidates were looking for any lifeboat.  And companies swayed gently between We’re-OK-for-now and Screw-it-we’re-closing.

In March, amid Reader encouragement saying, “Don’t stop now!”  I timidly called a bottom in the stock market.  Then I rehashed Jim Cramer’s excellent work, timing the bottom of the housing collapse.  And we set up benchmarks to track if we were really seeing any progress from potential employers.

In Q1, I projected that we’d see the first signs of hiring in late August and early September.

Wrong.  The first signs showed up earlier than that.  Happy little upticks all over the place.  And then, more brutal reversals.

So, here we are in October.  Activity is picking up, and conversations are getting intense.

A perfect time to park the first blog site, install all new stuff, and tie it into my website.  It’s certainly better than bringing powerhouse candidates to employers who will need them.

Now, if I can just figure out how all these new menu options work…