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Keep up with our Latest Efforts here. We’re constantly shifting with the markets, frequently traveling to where the action is, and generally mixing it up with folks who can contribute to the program.

We’ve totally revamped our website. You have much easier access to key information. And there are huge improvements for our work with clients, candidates, and innocent bystanders.

As we careen through our changes, this page is where I’ll tell you how we’re doing, where we’re most active, and what it is we’re planning next.


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On TILT Series


The On TILT series has started.  Find it in Recruiter’s View. Choose TILT (under Categories, in the right side bar.)  Click here to read my best explanation, describing what the On TILT series is all about. 

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SPECIAL REPORT – Business Development


Thinking about how to build sales? Reps have a short term focus, looking for the next deal. Consider investing in the longer term. A good Business Development exec should outgun any Sales Rep, put you in with the right people, and totally ignore current market chaos. Buckle in though, it’s pricey; and it takes time….

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