SPECIAL REPORT – Business Development

By Ted Dieck | Latest - Releases - Special Report | Apr 2, 2010

Thinking about how to build sales? Reps have a short term focus, looking for the next deal. Consider investing in the longer term. A good Business Development exec should outgun any Sales Rep, put you in with the right people, and totally ignore current market chaos. Buckle in though, it’s pricey; and it takes time.

Last weekend our team prepared a Special Report for a client who wanted to add a Business Development specialist. (The link takes you to the study, posted in Recruiter’s View.) 

One big question: How do you pay a Business Development guy, and how much should you pay?

As we reviewed our results and started to draw conclusions for my client, we began noticing some really eye-opening trends.

What surprised me most was the surge of companies (of all sizes) looking to add Business Development people, right now. It’s big.

And with all that activity, I figure there’s a chance that you, too, might be considering the strategy, for your company. If so, maybe these notes will help you organize your thoughts. It’s a portion of our study that isn’t too company specific.