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Keep up with our Latest Efforts here. We’re constantly shifting with the markets, frequently traveling to where the action is, and generally mixing it up with folks who can contribute to the program.

We’ve totally revamped our website. You have much easier access to key information. And there are huge improvements for our work with clients, candidates, and innocent bystanders.

As we careen through our changes, this page is where I’ll tell you how we’re doing, where we’re most active, and what it is we’re planning next.


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2013 Starts Strong


This reminds me of last year’s hot start, but by the time this year winds down, I’ll bet 2012 will look placid compared to the 2013 roller coaster we’ve started on. Right now, I have specific requests for Controls Engineers in TX, IL, and CA, with open ended requests, kind of, for engineers across the…

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Circle Me On Google Plus


In Google+, just search on my name… Ted Dieck. Pretty clever, huh? On the one hand, I think we’re all still figuring out Google+. On the other hand, it runs rings around FaceBook. Here’s The Difference… FaceBook FB is a little unruly about their rules. Also, the purpose of FB is to connect with people…

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Hooked On Hospice


When I was first introduced to Hospice of Cincinnati, I knew very, very little about the organization, the philosophy, or the industry. I knew, for sure, we would be working together at some point.  And I had less than an hour to make a connection. Otherwise, I was headed to the airport to catch a…

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When Drugs Meet Notes


Hmmm.  It appears I had a bit of a buzz on when I attended a 1:00p meeting in Cincinnati a couple of months ago. A dentist had just pulled (yanked) (extracted) one of my favorite molars. Thankfully, I wasn’t able to speak. This is what I actually wrote, shortly before I sat down with some…

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