When Drugs Meet Notes

By Ted Dieck | Latest - Pick - Updates | Dec 7, 2011

Hmmm.  It appears I had a bit of a buzz on when I attended a 1:00p meeting in Cincinnati a couple of months ago. A dentist had just pulled (yanked) (extracted) one of my favorite molars. Thankfully, I wasn’t able to speak.

This is what I actually wrote, shortly before I sat down with some medical people…  

Need to think about changing gauze.

They said to get pain pills going before

What pills

They said, if I don’t want to use strong stuff (which usually makes me nauseous) I could take three Advil and one Tylenol. Said it gets me the codeine without the other stuff.

I don’t know what I’m talking about.

Tylenol doesn’t do anything for me.

What’s the deal with this Percocet?

They prescribed it after I said
I asked today if they could give the bottle to someone who would use it.
They said keep it. You’ll want it today.

If it’s going to do the job, the time I’ll need it is now.
If this is my pick, it’s no time to

I’ll take a full one.

What do I do with that

I can’t feel a thing.



Pill first

When does gauze end