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Keep up with our Latest Efforts here. We’re constantly shifting with the markets, frequently traveling to where the action is, and generally mixing it up with folks who can contribute to the program.

We’ve totally revamped our website. You have much easier access to key information. And there are huge improvements for our work with clients, candidates, and innocent bystanders.

As we careen through our changes, this page is where I’ll tell you how we’re doing, where we’re most active, and what it is we’re planning next.


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Extended Menu


It’s a little cheesy, but there’s now a menu button called “Extended Menu.”  It’s on the menu in the main website and links out to a page called… you guessed it: “Extended Menu.” Basically, the Extended Menu is a text page of links going out to all the blog sites. Strangely, it also has the…

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New Stuff


We’re going to lighten the load on reader’s of my Famous Green Update Letter and my editorial blog Recruiter’s View. Both of those literary masterpieces have a tendency to get longer than a Russian May Day speech. I come by it honestly. 

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