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By Ted Dieck | Latest - Housekeeping - Releases - Reviewed - Updates | Jun 9, 2010

We’re going to lighten the load on reader’s of my Famous Green Update Letter and my editorial blog Recruiter’s View.

Both of those literary masterpieces have a tendency to get longer than a Russian May Day speech.

I come by it honestly. 

The more I try to  assure the quality of my advice, the more exacting my research gets.

Sooner or later, as the man says, “All I wanted was a job.”


Candidates will have a link to:

  • an e-mail address (for resumes or general compliments,)
  • a careers blog (for cool opportunities) and
  • the Candidate Advisory (where I can say things like “The Unemployment Figures don’t refer to you, specifically.”)

Employers will have similar links to:

  • an e-mail link (in case they wonder where to send money,)
  • a candidates blog (showing Featured Candidates and interesting possibilities,)  and
  • the Employers Intelligence blog where we can put all our fabulous insights right out on the table.

General Interest includes:

  • Latest (which you’ve already found,)
  • Show and Trips (The Shows section with all the schedules will link to this,) and
  • Recruiter’s View (which will carry on with whatever happens to happen.)

That leaves the famous green letter.  It should now pick easily from all these different blogs, serving up distinct servings of wonderfulness in easily recognized departments.

It seems strange to write a thousand words, knowing there was something for everyone, only to hear later that there maybe wasn’t.  Sections in the newsletter will fix that.  You can find what you like and follow it from issue to issue.

That’s the plan.