Alternate Menu

By Ted Dieck | Latest - Releases - Updates | Jun 9, 2010

Here’s an Alternate Menu I’m using, at least temporarily.

As I keep crashing forward, it offers two solutions at once:

  • My simple, simple menu on the web page can only link to pages on the immediate site.  (In my blogging frenzy, I’m adding more and more manual links.)   A menu on a text page solves that in one quick shot.
  • I’m now adding even more blog pages.  Fantastic for firing off all kinds of updates.  Confusing for me, and tough on the creaky menu system.  A text page of menu links solves that one, too.  

I’m sure I’ll eventually create an official Menu Page and create something similar to what you see on this working version.

The Alternate Menu has been changing frequently the last day or so.  If you use it, be sure to “refresh.”

This is the base I’m working from for creating new blog sites and repositioning existing ones.  You’ll get a better sense of what’s going on when you take a look.