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Featured Careers is one way I give you a Heads Up on active searches and new
opportunities that look interesting.

It’s not a complete list. (Go to Career Opportunities List for that.)
But this resource can be gold for a candidate.

In this Featured Careers section, my first priority is to get you the word when
something important is happening. To do that, I may post entries that are
obviously incomplete. Sometimes, we just don’t have much detail; so I’ll go with
what I’ve got. Other times, I may have a bunch of information; but it’s going to
take a while to sort it out. Again, I’ll post what I can and follow up later.

If one of my searches is ringing bells for you, please don’t wait for me to deliver
literary perfection. Get in touch with me right away. I’m always happy to share
what I can. And as searches unfold, we’re both better off knowing you might be a

(BTW, an Active Search will probably have a Search Number assigned to it.
Please include that Search Number in your correspondence with me, so I know
which opportunity you are looking at.)

A quick word about Developing Opportunities: I often pick up rumors weeks or
even months before a company officially starts working to fill a new position. In
an effort to persuade clients that I’m brilliant and magical, I sometimes do
advance work, preparing for a potential search.

I am sharing my Developing Opportunities with you in that same spirit. There’s
nothing firm about any of these, but realistically, this is where all good searches
come from. They originate as Developing Opportunities.

Using them to guide your preparation can give you a tremendous advantage
when new positions open up!

I hope you find this early warning system helpful.
Good luck with your search! -TD

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Advance Notice – Control Systems Engineer – Chicago – Food/Bev, Pharma


Through some quirk of fate, a really good looking Chicago based company finds itself looking for a Controls Engineer to join their flagship operation. Here’s your Advance Notice. Take a serious look at this one. First off, they’ve got a terrific proposition… Little to no travel. (You’ll be home!) 40-ish hour work week. (You’ll have…

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Advance Notice – Controls Engineer – Professional Engineer – Dallas – 1432


Here’s a quick look at an authorized search we’re starting immediately. I’ll post more detail soon. The Dallas location is an existing facility, recently upgraded to corporate Headquarters for a major engineering/procurement/construction (EPC) firm with international ties. Typical projects serve the Oil and Gas, Power, Aggregate, and Food and Beverage industries.

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1415 – SCADA Engineer – Houston, TX


Design all things SCADA: Package screens, back end objects and scripts, and system communications architecture. This is a developing opportunity, best suited for a degreed engineer with a background in instrumentation, measurement, and field communications for oil and gas industry. Full time, permanent position. Please contact me to receive updates or additional information if this…

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1414 – SCADA / Measurement Systems Engineer


Project Engineer to design and implement custody measurement systems for the transfer of natural gas. This is a developing opportunity for a full time permanent position in Houston, TX. BS, engineering or computer science required. Please contact me if you would like updates or additional information. Ted Dieck (954) 915-0000 careers@dieck.us

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Featured Careers is one way I give you a Heads Up on active searches and new opportunities that look interesting. It’s not a complete list. (Go to Career Oppo... Read More