Advance Notice – Control Systems Engineer – Chicago – Food/Bev, Pharma

By Ted Dieck | Featured Careers - ALERT - Food And Beverage - Pharma - Pick | Sep 10, 2012

Through some quirk of fate, a really good looking Chicago based company finds itself looking for a Controls Engineer to join their flagship operation. Here’s your Advance Notice. Take a serious look at this one.

First off, they’ve got a terrific proposition…

  • Little to no travel. (You’ll be home!)

  • 40-ish hour work week. (You’ll have a life!)

  • Soft schedule. (Less stress.)

  • Strong Pay and benefits. (Go figure.)

You’ve gotta love it.

They want somebody promotable.  (Career growth!  That’s a good sign.)

And the company’s financials are excellent.  (Security!  Excellent.)

They are growing geographically, and they are expanding their product lines, serving leaders in Food and Beverage and the Pharmaceutical industries. (These are great markets, by the way. As people around the world improve their incomes, they eat more, and they eat better. How cool is that?)

This has to be a fun place to work. Innovation is a big deal with these guys, so there’s always a new project coming on for the controls engineers.

And, like I said, this is the flagship plant of a worldwide operation. This single facility spreads over a quarter square mile. Not only do they have the money, but, for sure, this is a location where you can be confident they’ll do things right.

I’ve spent some time talking to the Manager. I like him a lot.

I’m headed to Chicago to meet the team next week. (I’ll probably be there around 9/19/12.)

If you might be interested, give me a shout. Let’s talk about it.

This Advance Notice post gives you the jump on the crowd.

I’ll be sending out the proper announcement with all the specs shortly.

— TD