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This is where I size up my travel options. And you’re welcome to look over my shoulder while I do it.

The show schedule that I list in the Shows & Events – List section of my website identifies whatever is catching my eye. It’s here, in Notes, that I talk about it.

Shows, of course, can be valuable for catching up with friends or learning about what’s developing next, but I’m sure you also know how shows can eat up your time and your money.

The Shows Schedule demonstrates how events can sometimes cluster together. Great for keeping costs down. I’ve literally walked out the door from one show, across the street, and on into another.

And big isn’t always better. One of the tiniest shows I’ve ever attended turned out to be wildly productive.

It’s a changing scene. Associations team up, split apart, or go off in different directions entirely. I try to follow who’s doing what, because it’s such a great way to forecast what might be developing in our industry.

So here’s my best shot at figuring it all out. I’ll slip in some side trips once in awhile, just to give you a Heads Up where I’ll be.

I’m always open for better suggestions, and I’d be real pleased to say, “Hi” if we happen to be in the same town.

All the Best,


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CSIA Executive Conference – Orlando


Not everyone knows the Control Systems Integrators Association. They should. CSIA is a small but important group. It helps industry customers answer two important questions: What integrator should I choose for my project?  And… Why? That “why” question is always a tough one. Service businesses, by their nature, sell things that are intangible. So, it’s…

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Show Schedules Updated


Interesting realignments in the industry. While some shows are consolidating or scheduling less often, others are splitting out on their own. Here’s my updated show schedule: Industry Shows If you have corrections, or want to suggest other shows, please be sure to leave a comment. Thanks.

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EMC – July, 2010


Can a niche industry give me a look at hiring trends?  The show was local.  I decided to check it out. A good friend of mine urged me to attend the International Symposium on Electromagnetic Compatibility. I like to say that, because it’s got a certain sound to it that suggests I might be incredibly…

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ISA Automation Week


Are high prices and limited registration ISA’s best solution to falling expo attendance?  Automation Week tests the theory from October 4 – 7, 2010. Early rumors had the ISA Expo 2010 dead on arrival. Technically, that’s true. And yet, you have to give the organizers credit. This long standing association is morphing faster than a…

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This is where I size up my travel options. And you’re welcome to look over my shoulder while I do it. The show schedule that I list in the Shows & Event... Read More