CSIA Executive Conference – Orlando

By Ted Dieck | Shows & Trips - Notes - CSIA - Pick | Apr 11, 2011

Not everyone knows the Control Systems Integrators Association. They should.

CSIA is a small but important group. It helps industry customers answer two important questions:

What integrator should I choose for my project?  And…


That “why” question is always a tough one. Service businesses, by their nature, sell things that are intangible. So, it’s tough to compare service suppliers, unless they leave behind tracks of some kind.

And that, of course, is one of the hallmark offerings of the CSIA: The dreaded audit.

Excellence, Certified

The CSIA Certified Company proves annually that it is a master of Best Practices in a world begging for assurances.

On my home page, on my business cards (do people really use those anymore?) and on printed correspondence, I display the line:

“Attracting Excellent Talent To Excellent Employers”

When I am looking at my list of excellent employers, they are nearly always members of CSIA.

Not a member yet? Give them a call.

And let me know you’re on board, OK?