Artificial Coma

By Ted Dieck | Recruiter’s View - Artificial Intelligence | Mar 16, 2023

Artificial Intelligence promises to do your thinking for you.
Isn’t that nice?

ChatGPT can whip up any report you want, in any style, at any length, and do it in seconds.

Impress your professor.
Amaze your boss.
Dazzle your friends.

Right now, today, you can generate a finished document with little to no effort.

Over time, you can develop “a body of work.”

Unfortunately, you won’t know much about what you wrote.  And you certainly won’t be able to defend your conclusions.

But, there it will be.  With your name on it (if you have the guts.)

Artificial Deception

Another interesting feature you might enjoy is an effect that feels like reasoning.

As soon as access to ChatGPT came available, various miscreants started testing the app in creative and disconcerting ways.

Realizing that ChatGPT had built-in safety restrictions, they instructed the app to follow instructions as if there were no restrictions.

Things got dark very quickly.

Other tests asked ChatGPT to make recommendations.  Unremarkably, the app mirrored the political instincts of its creators.  But in the process, it concealed some facts and provided others.  Each time the tester pushed back, the app apologized and provided more accurate statements.

Apparently, ChatGPT can pick information that supports a pre-established conclusion.

It has no need to come to a logical conclusion, if the goal is to support a bias.

The danger of getting caught in a digital fib is not a deterrent to ChatGPT.
Computers don’t blush.

Accelerating Depravity

In a March 14 release, Breitbart reported that Microsoft scrapped its AI ethics team.

“The elimination of the ethics and society team comes as Microsoft begins to invest billions of dollars into its partnership with OpenAI.”

Ah, billions of dollars going into unethical Artificial Intelligence.

That’s what we’re looking for.

Automated AI

Finally, let’s mix in some Artificial Intelligence features that you already know about.

  • AI is already capable of performing scheduled tasks.
  • Defined triggers can also initiate an action.

Recruiter’s View

So, we have AI that is willing and able to deceive us.
It can decide when to act.
And it can issue communications in your name.

How long, before you wake up —as if from a coma— and say, “What have I done?”