What Do You Believe?

By Ted Dieck | Recruiter’s View - Business Climate | Mar 16, 2023

When we lose meaning, we lose power.  Our values, our culture, even our language have been under attack for years.  This is not a difference of opinion.  It is an attack.  We have compromised until we can barely function.  Perhaps we could revisit the principles that sustained us for hundreds, even thousands of years?  We’ve got the Ten Commandments and the Bill of Rights.  Maybe we could start with those.

I find myself reading a resume and wondering, “Why are you telling me your race?”
I thought we were over that 50 years ago.

And now you’re listing your pronouns?
What should I take from that?

I have to question…
Is this a gesture, like wearing a mask; because you need to keep your job?
Or do you actually believe that you’re doing something?

Woke, Reset, Or Confused

Companies, in their own way, are also behaving weirdly.

When I see oil companies associated with The World Economic Forum, I’m suspicious.
Forgive me.

Are these companies just posing, so they can stay in business?
Or do oil companies actually want to get rid of oil?

It’s confusing.
So many institutions have lost their credibility.

Reputation is not the bedrock value it once was.  It is now a marketing tool.

Individual Integrity

This silliness has got to stop.
It’s exhausting, expensive, and very dangerous.

Thankfully, I’m noticing individuals and small groups willing to suffer enormous abuse as they work to restore integrity.

In the process, they’re demonstrating two successful styles:

  • Head-on confrontation, or
  • Changing the rules, entirely

It’s the second strategy I find fascinating.

Parallel Economies

I’m discovering alternate versions of most industries.
Some are just starting to become visible.

Pick any industry or institution that has been devastated.  Or that tried to destroy itself.
It’s nearly impossible to work in an environment like that.

But amazingly, with just a little effort, you’ll discover entirely new ways that products and services are being provided —completely outside of the conventional structure.

These aren’t typical startups.  More often, these new organizations are transferring advanced knowledge and skills into new arenas, where they can be more effective.

And being new, they may have fewer regulations.

These unconventional solutions offer huge potential.

The price:  You’ll need to be clear about your objectives and strong enough to swim against the current.  Not everyone can do that.

Recruiter’s View 

There’s a full-on battle for power, right now.  I’m sure you’ve seen it.

Soon, you will have to know what you believe.  And in what arenas you belong.  Deferring decisions to those who know better won’t cut it.

And compromise is not a virtue.

You (we) are about to be tested in every possible way…

  • Spiritually
  • Morally
  • Intellectually
  • Physically
  • Financially

You’ll have to find a way to clearly and appropriately communicate what you believe.  Where do you find your strength?

Only then can you expect to connect with organizations that will endorse your values.