Recession? That’s The Plan – [Brief]

By Ted Dieck | Recruiter’s View - Economy | Sep 25, 2022

This isn’t an economic cycle.  It’s an attack.
But the U.S. doesn’t have to suffer a disaster.  An inspired victory sounds better to me. 

The most common question I get…
Do I think we’re going into a recession?  

I’ll try to be concise.  

(If you’re into this stuff, I have a longer, more detailed version under a similar title.)

The Short Answer: Of Course 

If we have two consecutive negative quarters of growth, then we’re in a recession.
So, yes, we’re in a recession. 

But this won’t be a recession like anything you’ve ever seen. 

It has promoters…

  • The Chinese Communist Party
  • The World Economic Forum
  • Investors, like Black Rock, George Soros, and Bill Gates

How To Create A Recession

Usually, recessions begin when consumers don’t want to buy things.
But U.S. consumers love to buy things.

What if you tried to create a recession by eliminating (not the desire) but the ability to buy.
Would that work? 

Maybe you could cause a recession, if you attacked… 

  • Energy – Kill it, in the name of climate change. 
  • Food – Stop meat production.  End all fertilizers. 
  • Water – Dump it in the ocean. 
  • Transportation – Ban the automobile.  Eliminate the ability to buy one. 
  • Money – Debase the currency.  Spend trillions of dollars on nothing.
  • Economy – Raise taxes and interest rates while all costs are going up
  • Communication – Silence troublemakers. 
  • Education – Keep children out of schools.  Lower their test scores.  Teach Marxism and deviant behavior. 
  • Religion – Regulate church and synagogue services. 
  • Medical Care – Cause a pandemic.  Then restrict hospitals and doctors because of a “pandemic.” 
  • Personal Protection – Kill it.  Ban police.  Restrict firearms.  Arrest victims.  Release criminals. 
  • National Defense – Reduce the head count. Expel servicemen for “vaccine” non-compliance.  Create race and gender issues. 
  • State and Local Resources – Bury troublemakers under millions and millions of illegal immigrants. 

If you could ever do those things, I’ll bet you could get people to stop buying.
You wouldn’t just have a business slowdown.
You just might get a recession. 

My Solution

See that last list? 

Don’t do that. 

That’s all I have to say.
You’re welcome.  -TD