Recession? That’s The Plan

By Ted Dieck | Recruiter’s View - Economy | Sep 25, 2022

This isn’t an economic cycle.  It’s an attack.
But the U.S. doesn’t have to suffer a disaster.  An inspired victory sounds better to me. 

The most common question I get…
Do I think we’re going into a recession?  

The Short Answer: Of Course 

If we have two consecutive negative quarters of growth, then we’re in a recession.
So, yes, we’re in a recession. 

But this is not going to be a recession like anything you’ve ever seen. 

It has promoters. 

Who Wants A Recession 

Hard to believe, I know, but there may be forces that want us to fail…

The Chinese Communist Party clearly says it is in a war with the United States.  After they’ve stolen all our stuff, they intend to hasten the collapse of the good old USA; and they’re busy doing that now.  

The World Economic Forum features billionaire egomaniacs who fully intend to run the world.  I don’t know how that fits with CCP’s schedule, but WEF destroys everything it touches.  They recently killed Sri Lanka, the Netherlands is next, and the U.S. is in their sites.  Biden’s “Build Back Better” campaign is actually a WEF slogan.  They want you to eat bugs and own nothing.  Very nice. 

Then there’s a parade of investors, lining up to pull profit from the ruins.  That would include Black Rock, Bill Gates, and my favorite George Soros.  Soros is the one who bankrolls destruction for the purpose of betting on collapse.  Fun guy. 

What Does This Mean For Recession?

It guarantees it. 

We’re not talking about a normal business slowdown.  

Was it you who banned oil pipelines?
Did you block fertilizers, so we’d grow less food?
Were you hoping for less medical care?

There’s a whole string of economy killers that somebody wanted. 

And now they’re here. 

This recession’s got teeth.
It’s deliberate.
It’s a publicly promoted strategy.
It’s enforced.
And it’s accelerating. 

It’s also very hard to understand how we could ever create our own disaster. 

Why It’s So Confusing 

We still have fresh memories of roaring prosperity in the Trump economy.
But that very same president also turned off the entire economy, like it was a light switch. 

“Two weeks to slow the spread” violated centuries of medical training.  

Then we had two and a half years of lockdowns and mandates to ponder what ever happened to the U.S. Constitution and our God-given rights. 

It all goes away so fast. 

So, yes, it is very confusing.
We still recognize signs of past abundance and prosperity.
However, in-your-face warnings tell us we are already in serious trouble. 

What Does Serious Trouble Mean?

We’re fresh off the greatest heist of all time.  Under the cover of a COVID pandemic, an entire economic system was taken from “non-essential” businesses and assigned to approved businesses. 

Successful companies were permanently closed.
Others generated obscene profits. 

The rule of law was hijacked by emergency orders. 

Today, we have shortages of… 

  • Energy
  • Fertilizer 
  • Water
  • Manufactured Products

Is that a problem? 

The entire list is deliberate.  Every one of those categories is being strangled by decree.  That’s what I mean by serious trouble. 

Supply chains are stopped.
Shipping is a mess.
Our food supply is threatened.
We don’t even make our own medicines.
There’s a labor shortage.
Younger generations are poorly educated. 

Stock markets are falling.
And raging inflation will be partly concealed until after the elections. 

But hear me carefully… 

If we have the will power, we can replace imminent disaster with something more like a bad headache. 

And now, just to make you feel better, here’s what the rest of the world may be dealing with in 2023…

World Targets Of This Recession

The European Union will be stressed.  Without Ukraine and the Netherlands, all Europe will be short of food.  The Green Energy failure will guarantee frozen buildings in the north, this winter.  Industry will slow to a crawl.  The economy will tank. 

India is projecting rice shortages.

Third World countries will face massive famine.  Hundreds of thousands of deaths are predicted.  Disease follows immediately after that. 

China is already tipping.  Economic collapse was anticipated, years ago.  Real estate failures are huge.  This is a culture perfectly willing to kill its own.  When there is nothing left in the world for the CCP to steal, violence is normal. 

Russia has a decision to make.  After invading Ukraine and shutting off food and energy to the world, is there any reason Putin wouldn’t attack another neighbor? 

The United States has weakened defenses, reduced resources, and many millions of illegal immigrants.  Some of these are violent criminals, simply released into our borders to dispose of them.  Others are actual subversive agents.  Among the millions coming to get free stuff, there are certainly terrorists and military forces moving in under cover. 

There isn’t a question in my mind that violence will increase.  It already has. 

U.S. citizens will begin to arm themselves and organize. 

This is going to be interesting. 

Recruiter’s View 

There is work to be done, if Americans will assert their rights.  (And there’s evidence that some are doing just that.)  

Responsible citizens can do miracles with the resources, technology, and independence that we still claim.  

Time is short. The need is huge.
And it is worldwide. 

If this country is inspired to break loose from a decade of mind games, we’ll all be working around the clock.  

See you there.  -TD