On TILT [Brief]: Agriculture

By Ted Dieck | Recruiter’s View - Tilt Studies | Jul 6, 2022

Farmers don’t appreciate struggling under huge price increases.  They had never seriously considered raising crops without any fertilizer.  Don’t worry, Farmers.  Your government has special plans for you. 

Situation:  Farming Is A Tough Business

  • Farmers pay for most annual costs, up front. 
  • Time is not negotiable, when dealing with crops and animals. 
  • If you do everything exactly right, you could still lose money. 

Situation:  Huge Cost Increases

  • Fuel has doubled
  • Fertilizer prices nearly quadrupled
  • Inflation is at a 40-year high

Situation:  No Fertilizer = Low Yields

  • Feds raised duties on all fertilizer, including from international “friendlies.” 
  • International shipping is at a standstill.  
  • Individual States have increased restrictions against manure and fertilizer. 
  • Union Pacific Railroad refuses CF Industries’ fertilizer shipments.   

Situation:  Three Aggressive Buyers Are Taking Out U.S. Farmers

  • Bill Gates is mysteriously the largest farmer in the U.S. 
  • BlackRock
  • Chinese Communist Party
  • Also, California offers to buy out farmers.

The Squeeze

  • Farmers can expect high costs and low yields. 
  • Americans can expect to hear about evil farmers and high food costs. 
  • Investors expect to purchase farm land, well, dirt cheap. 

The Switch

  • Projects currently in place are looking to replace beef with fake meat. 
  • The insect thing is real.  Yum. 
  • Other plans are in the works, to see if Man really is smarter than God. 

Recruiter’s View 

There is a worldwide push to drive farmers out of business.  I don’t know how you sell farming equipment to people who are losing their farms.  

I’m sure the very rich plan to use a lot of automation, some day.  

Meanwhile, Americans who enjoy eating might want to wake up and stop this nightmare.