On TILT [Brief]: Oil & Gas

By Ted Dieck | Recruiter’s View - Tilt Studies | Jul 6, 2022

This will be short.  Biden doesn’t like oil and gas.  But he needs it.  Hmm. 

Situation:  Biden Crushed U.S. Oil. 

  • He killed the Keystone Pipeline on his first day in office. 
  • Drilling permits are skimpy

Situation:  Drillers Won’t Speculate. 

No point in taking chances under an administration that wants you out of business. 

Situation:  Declining Resources 

  • Inadequate refining capacity. 
  • No growth. 

Situation:  There Won’t Be Any Long Wars. 

Biden has drained oil reserves to a three week supply.  Military planes, ships, and tanks go dry after that. 

Situation:  Truckers Won’t Deliver Without Fuel. 

(Just a reminder.)

Recruiter’s View 

This is an industry ripe for explosion under a different administration. 

Conditions are not favorable, for now.