Merry Christmas

By Ted Dieck | Latest - Travel | Dec 21, 2021

Looks like an excellent time for a Florida vacation.   This is always the quietest time of year for recruiting.  And, conveniently, I’m already in Florida.  Perfect! 

Following our Christmas break (Merry Christmas to you, by the way) I’ll be doing my normal year-end drill.  That includes catching up with friends I haven’t talked with for, perhaps, years. 

That leads us to the 2022 plans.  

Blocking Out The New Year

The whole country is looking for help.  Between COVID and the economy, the whole country is also asking for automation.  

States most favorable for business include Florida, Texas, and Tennessee.  I’m well aware of serious requirements in Florida and Texas.  I’m a little out of touch with projects in Tennessee. 

Likely travel in 2022 runs across the south and up the east coast.  (If any of that sounds like you, be sure to get my attention.) 

My Shows and Events List is fairly complete for 2022.  Show towns are sometimes destinations for me, as well.  

As serious searches firm up, I’ll come back and clarify where some of this is taking me. 

If you have ideas or interests, be sure to tell me what you’re thinking.  It’s funny how these things can change.  -TD