Stay Informed

By Ted Dieck | Latest - | Feb 3, 2022

If you’re new here, I want to recommend that you subscribe to my e-letter. 

Just go to the top of any page on the website.  Click on the bell and enter your name and e-mail address.  It’s simple. 

I’ve often said… I pretty much play with an open hand.  If there’s something of consequence going on (and there always is!), I try to cover it in my letter.  I figure, if it matters to me, there’s a good chance it will matter to you. 

Letters generally go out weekly.  Or whenever I want to give my readers a Heads Up about something.  

What Are Your Thoughts?

By the way, I encourage your feedback.  

Some of my best information comes from readers.  After all, you guys are living the life.  I’m just a visitor. 

If you have a comment or suggestion, respond to the e-letter and tell me what you think.  

I look forward to staying in touch!