Director/VP – Engineering & Technology

Advanced Automation Specialist introduces new technology; inspires innovation.

This leader brings out the best in engineers.  Formally educated in both mechanical and electrical disciplines, he understands their thinking.

He’s an established machine designer and controls programmer.  He can guide new equipment projects from concept all the way through to delivery.

His advanced work in machine learning, machine vision, and sensors opens additional doors for innovation.

Tangible Results

New products are inevitable.  Numerous patents secure competitive advantages.

This is how troubled companies can get back in the game.
It’s how winners stay dominant.

Showing Up

In a work-from-home world, it’s refreshing to discover a manager who is present for his projects and for his teams.
This is how hidden talent is discovered and nurtured.

His offer is clear:  “Will relocate within the United States.  75% travel.”


The credentials are impressive.  Glowing references are readily available.

Every conversation I have had has been personable, thoughtful, and engaged.


The message I get every time…

“I’m not just looking for a job.
I want to do something that really matters.”

And that’s why this Director is today’s Featured Candidate.

For more information, please contact me…

Ted Dieck
(954) 915-0000