My Blind Spot In Machine Vision

By Ted Dieck | Featured Candidates - Automation - Machine Vision - Robotics | Nov 7, 2022

Someone has to be the bridge between High Tech and mere mortals.  Until now, I haven’t seen anyone who can organize development and delivery of machine vision and still make it relatable for the end user. 

For decades, I’ve mentally put High Tech guys in one box.  Sales guys go in a different box. 

The reason is simple…. High Tech people think and talk in computer code.  When they’re really deep into it, they’ll startle if you walk within a few feet of them. 

Sales guys rarely claim to understand how technology works.  They’re all about working a relationship.  Everybody knows a sales guy.  And odds are, if you’re a buyer, some sales guy has bought you dinner. 

So how do Tech and Sales coexist in the same world?  I’m not sure they do. 

I’ve had Tech guys write to me, but it wasn’t helpful; because they couldn’t relate to the question.  

And Sales guys might send something that sounded great, but they had no way to address the details. 

It’s a challenging problem, if you’re running a company or trying to get a new product off the ground. 

Getting The Vision 

I found my own blind spot when I caught up with today’s Featured Candidate. 

We first met decades ago.  He was deep into machine vision and robotics.  And he was clearly very good at it. 

Obviously, I put him in the High Tech box, right?

But unexpectedly, he grew toward the people side of the industry.  

He got so good at explaining the opportunities and consequences of technical decisions, that he became his own industry segment. 


Not only could he help someone like me understand advances in machine vision, it turns out he’s been helping entire companies. 

He helps them position new products in the market.  He translates Tech Talk into plain English.  

And, magically, he instinctively knows how to answer the world famous question:  “What’s In It For Me?”

What’s In It For You?

If you plan to upgrade your winning robotic offering by adding vision, I recommend talking to him.  He’s a Certified Vision Professional – Advanced.  He knows his stuff. 

If you’ve got a product, but you’re still struggling with certification, integration, supply chains, or just how to get your product built in the first place, this is absolutely your guy. 

And finally, if you’ve got everything ready to go, but you’re losing traction over how to bring your product to market, I think we’ve found your answer. 

He’s U.S. based, so he understands the market.  And he has an appreciation for startups and international clients looking to serve American business. 

It’s an extraordinary offering.  

And that’s why he’s today’s Featured Candidate.