Candidate’s Dilemma

By Ted Dieck | Recruiter’s View - Employment Scene | Dec 17, 2023

Can my AI negotiate with your AI?  What happens if an applicant doesn’t read his own resume… and the employer doesn’t read it either?  Do we become whatever the algorithms describe?

Here’s the situation…

A Job Seeker is convinced —for good reason— that employers don’t even look at resumes.  He justifiably believes that large corporations run applicant resumes through a scanner.  Then AI parses and analyzes each resume, assigning scores.

The Candidate quickly understands that he’s not competing against other Candidates.

His objective is to beat the algorithms.

Candidate Defense

So, obviously, if the employer is going to use AI to evaluate resumes, then Candidates will have to use their own AI to create the resumes they submit.

And that’s exactly what’s happening.

Pricey online services are available today to help a Candidate load up on all the best keywords.  Formatting is guided by the predicted response of an employer’s scanner.  Resume style and organization can be ordered up in a presentation guaranteed to please an employer’s software.

Where Does That Leave Us?

A Candidate who can write five killer achievements on the back of an envelope might not be worthy of a rejection letter.

Meanwhile, AI can fix a mediocre resume and create the applicant of the year.

Recruiter’s View

Candidates have a tough decision to make.  Which presentation should they use…

A) This is what you get, when I join your team.  Guaranteed.

B) This is what you asked for.  We’ll figure out what you get, later.

In my world, credibility is non-negotiable.

Getting it right only seems to take longer.