Woke Engineers

By Ted Dieck | Recruiter’s View - Business Climate | Feb 14, 2022

…there’s no such thing. 

Temperature doesn’t “identify” as Celsius or Fahrenheit.
Metric and Imperial measurements don’t have feelings. 

Engineers use the laws of physics.
They don’t re-write their definitions. 

Sloppy thinking causes loud noises at your job site, and it will get your picture on the internet. 

Woke Employers Do Exist

Companies around the world are being targeted.
And many give in. 

Shame is a powerful weapon.  

Today, you may hear loud noises at your job site and see your picture on the internet
– even if you’ve done nothing wrong. 

It’s imperative to reconfirm your values now and to live by them. 

You will be tested. 

But Shame is a one-trick pony.
Many who have suffered intimidation tactics have become immune.
Or have actually grown stronger. 

Recruiter’s View 

I value the Employers and Candidates who demonstrate character. 

When the noise subsides, these will be the only people left standing. 

And they will be leaders.