Heroes, Unite

By Ted Dieck | Recruiter’s View - Business Climate | Feb 1, 2022

Last year, politicians fell all over themselves, applauding the brave truckers who risked their lives, delivering food and supplies to huddled masses, trapped in COVID lockdown.  

As usual, politicians are now attacking these same heroes, demanding COVID compliance with crippling shipping restrictions. 

The truckers are winning. 

My letter last week observed nasty supply chain issues.   Shortly after that, I saw reports of a world-record truckers’ protest brewing in Canada. 

By mid-week, a 45 mile long convoy was headed into Toronto.  It was utterly spontaneous.  No particular organization.  And it was growing rapidly.  Crowds gathered along the route, cheering them on.  And drivers from here, in Florida headed north in support. 

The issue is mandates.  And, as the drivers made clear, there is literally nothing in your home that hasn’t been carried by a truck.  

U.S. Truckers Also Protest Mandates

The protests spread like, well, a COVID virus.  

On the U.S. side, California drivers announced their intention to head east, building their own protest convoy.  That group plans to occupy Washington D.C. “for as long as it takes.” 

That’s a pretty gutsy thing to do.  This is the town that’s been holding two hundred January 6 protestors in solitary confinement for over a year.  No charges.  No court dates. 

Recruiter’s View 

Governments around the world are having a hard time giving up the emergency powers they granted themselves.  

The protest convoys would seem to represent a blow-off milestone of popular dissent. 

Success wouldn’t solve supply chain problems, but it might keep them from getting worse.