Landmark – Walker Wins Recall Vote

By Ted Dieck | Recruiter’s View - Economy - Landmark Events | Jun 6, 2012

The implications are huge. Cash-strapped governors across the country will take a signal that unions are vulnerable. Presidential campaigns will evaluate their prospects for an Obama-Romney contest this fall.

Scott Walker scored an historic win as the first U.S. governor to ever survive a recall vote.

The Wisconsin debate reflected more than just local issues.  This decision will likely forecast national attitudes on a raging U.S. deficit, as well.

Wisconsin Restrains Public-Employee Unions

At issue: First-term Governor Scott Walker and Republicans in the state legislature rolled back collective bargaining agreements of public-employee unions as part of a plan to balance the state’s budget.

Benefits: Wisconsin’s state budget went from an estimated $3.6 billion shortfall to a projected surplus of $100 million to $200 million.

Downside: It really ticks off the unions when you do that. A year earlier, Democrats famously left the state, rather than vote against the unions.

Interestingly, Walker won his recall challenge by a wider margin than when he was first elected.