NASA and National Security

By Ted Dieck | Recruiter’s View - Landmark Events - Political Commentary | Feb 8, 2010

Obama has spoken: If we can put a man on the moon, who cares?
Answer: The U.S. military and everyone in the world it protects.

The shuttle Endeavour launched from the Kennedy Space Center at 4:14 this morning. It’s actually possible to see launches all the way down to Ft. Lauderdale, where we live. It’s an incredible sight.

Someday, I would like to find a way to get a closer view of a space launch, but it appears I may be running out of opportunities.  

President Obama – a man of the media – has determined that NASA needs to get the stars out of its eyes and put its feet back on the ground. Apparently, the President can’t imagine a good use for scientific advances, barring NASA’s disappointing participation in fudging global warming figures. Other than that, many upcoming programs are toast.

Part of the genius of Progressive political strategies is the blitz attack on our senses. Bam-Bam hits us from every direction, almost on an hourly basis. There is no way in the world to focus on the announcement of the moment.

When opponents can’t focus, they can’t keep up. By scrambling his policies, Our Great Leader can guarantee the occasional victory. He sometimes gets all of what he wants, and he almost always gets some of what he wants.

Moving quickly, he can accumulate critical mass to do even more memorable things.

Over the last year, speed and misdirection have confused many policy makers. They quit trying to comprehend the policies they were enacting. Law makers didn’t read the laws they were passing. Words took on strange meanings. And programs were offered with lots of blank spaces that could be filled in later.

So, with a phrase, the President has crippled the space program.

He has already crushed the capital markets, dislodged our constitution, strangled innovation, and weakened our national security that he swore to protect.

Defunding and demoralizing NASA is merely tragic. Far more important, the killing of its R&D will further contribute to the demise of our military. This time, Obama’s moves will erode future security around our critical weapons and communications systems.

SINKING SECURITY – The determination that our national security is already embattled is not just an opinion of mine. The Investor’s Business Daily (February 4, 2010 – page A10) reports that key U.S. security leaders believe terrorists will attempt an attack on our country sometime between now and August.

It’s a certainty, according to Director of National Intelligence Denis Blair, CIA Director Leon Panetta, and FBI Director Robert Mueller.

Thanks for that update. My security color didn’t even turn to a dark yellow.

Yet, the President, himself, has specifically stated that he has made it harder for our security forces to protect us. Thanks for that.

NASA IS PART OF NATIONAL SECURITY – If my advice is any help to our hard working President, the NASA budget he squashed creates another direct hit against our security.

Aside from all the obvious technological stuff I might mention, here’s a reminder that’s even more screamingly obvious: China has already blown one of its own satellites out of orbit as a little demonstration.

Mr. President: The day our entire communications system goes down, so does our missile defense. You won’t even be able to call NASA with your BlackBerry.