New Website Moves Into Development

By Ted Dieck | Latest - Releases | Aug 20, 2021

I’ve finally found the key to success: Find a good partner!

Thanks to vital assistance from Recruiters Websites, we’ve completed a massive re-design of my ancient website.   It’s not a fossil anymore!  

Originally assembled during the Stone Age of the internet, this prehistoric site has been an archeological mystery for way too long.  

Holding it together with the technical equivalent of hope and duct tape, I could never muster the time nor the technical tools to advance the project.  And it was even harder to find someone who understood the vision. 

Happily, founder Jeff Gipson has mastered that mix of understanding and know-how.  His brother Steve cleared a path for me.  And Designer Matt McKenzie moved in to weave his magic.  

The Time Line

Our Development phase starts today.  

In about a month, the site goes live; and you’ll be welcomed into an entirely new experience. 

I think you’re going to like it!