Menu Link on Blog Sites

By Ted Dieck | Latest - Housekeeping - Releases - Updates | Jun 12, 2010

You can now navigate from my blog sites back to the main website.


We’ll skip over how weird it was to have half a dozen orphans stranded out in cyberspace. 

I’ve created a “page” in every blog entitled “Menu.”

And, of course, there ain’t no menu. It’s just a link back to the Extended Menu, which will hopefully be so useful that readers will forgive me for such a lame solution.

The net effect:  You should be able to be in any part of any blog and see options in the blog’s menu bar like Menu, About, and Contact.

Click on “Menu” in the menu bar (don’t you just love this?) and you get a chipper little message about clicking a link to get to an actual menu.

Hey, I’m doing the best I can.