1412 – Electrical and Instrumentation Design (EE) – TX

By Ted Dieck | Featured Careers - Active Search - Oil and Gas - Pick - Power | Mar 17, 2011

Electrical Engineer to do E&I design for construction environments.

The company’s primary service is putting instruments in the field for industries like Oil and Gas, Power, Chemical, Pulp and Paper, and Wood Products. They do everything from green field to disaster recovery.


This is a solid career opportunity. Permanent employment with benefits. Low turnover. Base in Texas headquarters with 30% – 40% travel.

Employer is an extremely well managed control systems integrator. I know this team.

Stable, supportive environment where responsible professionals put their customer first. Small company atmosphere with astonishing financial strength. Powerful reputation with incredible connections, often working direct with the majors.

Nicely positioned to serve high demand segments of the global economy.


If you or someone you know might be interested in this position, please contact me immediately.

My phone number is 954-915-0000.

My e-mail address is careers@dieck.us

Please attach your resume as a Word document. Be sure to include 1412 in the subject line.

We’re working hard to fill this position right away. I’d be very pleased to talk with you and think through any questions.

Thanks very much.