Enjoying The Great Reset?

By Ted Dieck | Recruiter’s View - Economy | Apr 5, 2023

Wealth Transfers; Wealth Destruction; and Wealth Control are combining to make the U.S. an unattractive world leader.

The U.S. economy is being systematically dismantled.  It’s part of the Great Reset that we have discussed in the past.

The goal is easy to understand:  Take out the USA.

The constant barrage is hard to remember.  (In fact, who would want all that in their head, anyway?)

This is my list of obvious attacks on our financial system.  It’s as if they were designed to take us from Super Power to Dead In The Water in the shortest amount of time.

Historic Wealth Transfer

During COVID-19, the “15 Days To Slow the Spread” announcement started the most massive “wealth transfer” in world history.

The COVID lockdowns began in March of 2020.
Over the next two years…

  • Countless small businesses were forced to close forever.
  • Large, approved corporations had record sales.

Congress Kindles Inflation

Naturally, the U.S. economy slowed during COVID and our Treasury revenues declined.

But government outlays increased.
By half!

Since then, the U.S. budget always exceeds $6 trillion.
And revenue misses the mark by trillions, every year.

The Fed Fires Up Recession

In response to all the easy money lying around, the Fed increased interest rates… aggressively.

That surprised some banks, and they failed.
Another 200 banks are stressed.

Businesses are feeling the pressure.
Tech layoffs, in particular, are enormous.

This all reminds you of a recession, doesn’t it?
You know… two consecutive quarters of negative gross domestic product (GDP).
We hit that last summer (2022).

The reason you don’t hear about a recession…
The word, like so many others, has been redefined.
Now, it’s only a recession if it feels like a recession.
Or something like that.

More Wealth Transfers

Fed policy —and recent Fed behavior— make it clear that large deposits might not do well in unstable banks.

Well over $100 billion was pulled out of small banks in a single week.
Two-thirds of that landed in the half dozen “too big to fail” banks.

So, basically…
while the Fed is trying to avoid a run on small banks,
it is also causing depositors to flee small banks.

Banks As Government Enforcers

When banks do the government’s bidding, we can move our focus from Wealth Transfers to Wealth Destruction.

Those ever-expanding large banks, you remember, are the SIFI “too big to fail” banks.

I don’t know why they’re too big to fail.
Somebody in the Obama administration said it, and that was enough to make it so.

But you know there’s going to be a price to pay to stay in that club.
Carrying water for government policy is a part of that price.

Membership might require colluding to drive oil and gas producers out of business.
It’s easily done…   Just cancel their lines of credit.

I’ve described the consolidation in How To Control All US Banks.

Here’s the actual scheme in action… Banks Colluding Against U.S. Energy?

Basically, SIFI banks have joined the U.N.’s Net-Zero Banking Alliance.
They promise to destroy the world’s fossil fuel companies by making it impossible for them to get credit.

Total Wealth Transfer

Until now, we’ve mentioned a few examples of incredibly bad financial policy.
To me, it’s a suicidal behavior that might only appeal to a Marxist.

Aside from debasing our currency, we see a sustained effort to consolidate power in the hands of a few submissive CEOs.

It’s the public/private partnership thing.

But this bad behavior is mostly internal.
We’re doing it to ourselves.

What about the international predators?
Numerous countries have been plotting the overthrow of the U.S. for decades.

The Chinese plan —published long ago— details how to topple the U.S. without firing a shot.

We have cooperated in ways they probably never expected.

As a gesture of thanks, China and Russia are actively —and successfully— removing the dollar as the World Reserve Currency.
Major names (India) are signing on to dump the dollar and to find a currency with more promise.

For the last 70 years, as the moral and financial master of the world, the U.S. has been able to wield power with arrogance…
The U.S. giveth and
The U.S. taketh away.

Today, we have limited moral standing.
And even less financial credibility.

If China and Russia are calling the shots, we’ll have to play by their rules when we want to trade with other nations.

The value of the dollar will crater.
No one will want it.
And we don’t back it with anything, anyway.

George Soros would certainly like that.
He’s the cold-blooded investor that likes to help countries collapse, so he can bet against their currencies.

Soros has been targeting the U.S. for at least 20 years.
His political action committees work to install puppets, willing to destroy the United States from within.

The faster we fall, the richer Soros gets.

Wealth Control

Here’s the bright side of a collapsing dollar….

Most U.S. debt is denominated in dollars.
So, if the dollar is worthless, so is the debt.

And it just so happens, your friendly Fed has a whole new worthless currency lined up to replace the dollar.

Get ready for the new Central Bank Digital Currency (CBDC).

It, also, is backed by nothing.  But this time, it’s digital, like cryptocurrency.

This is a Dictator’s Dream, guaranteeing second-to-second control over each individual transaction.

In the future, if you’re buying something the government doesn’t approve of, the system can limit or block your transaction, entirely.

Isn’t that fun?

Recruiter’s View

Employment opportunities are most interesting when we have a functioning economy.
We could lose that.

The World Economic Forum (WEF) sees the entire United States as an obstacle to its Great Reset agenda.

The WEF’s vision of fairness requires that we cripple the U.S. and disable our economy.  That would bring us in line with the rest of the world.

China and Russia agree.

What’s alarming to me…
The number of American leaders who are actively participating.