On TILT: Medical Services

By Ted Dieck | Recruiter’s View - Health Care - Tilt Studies | Jul 27, 2022

Doctors are split.  Massive intimidation has put much of the medical world On TILT.  Trained professionals are saying and doing things that just don’t make sense.  But look more closely.  Docs with enormous courage are stepping forward.  They’re drawing clarity out of deception.  They’re inspiring strength.
The Science is never settled. 

Public/Private Partnership 

Situation:  Doctors are being told what to do by Big Pharma and Big Government.  This is new. 

Pharmaceutical companies provide most of the budget for the agencies that regulate them. 

The patents on new drugs may be held by both the pharmaceutical companies AND their regulators.  In other words, both may receive royalties on active, patented drugs. 

I played with how this works in a separate post called Faucian Bargain. 

Operation Warped 

The Trump Administration authorized billions of dollars under Operation Warp Speed to fast track a COVID-19 treatment.   In that program, the drug companies were guaranteed cash plus liability protection. 

That’s a wonderful incentive, but drug development can take a decade and still fail to make it to market.  Dr. Robert Malone has explained that — almost by definition — it’s not physically possible to develop a vaccine against a currently active virus.  (By the time the vaccine is ready, the virus has probably mutated into a different strain.) 

But billions of dollars inspired Big Pharma to get very creative.  In more than one instance, a drug company re-packaged an existing drug and labeled it for COVID-19 treatment. 

Boom.  Problem solved.  And regulators had many reasons to get on board.  

So many reasons, in fact, that burdensome testing and retesting just wasn’t required. 

No Risk

The liability protection comes directly from the EUA (Emergency Use Authorization). 

Under the EUA, the drug companies can’t be sued, if THERE ARE NO OTHER APPROVED TREATMENTS AVAILABLE. 

That valuable protection continues, every time the COVID EUA is renewed, reconfirming that this (emergency) situation still exists. 

Perhaps that explains why (after all this time) no FDA approved COVID product has ever come to market in the United States.  

I doubt that one ever will. 

A Useful Emergency 

Not surprisingly, Big Pharma, regulators, politicians, hospitals, and physicians have closed ranks around the story that the “vaccines” are safe and effective.  And they need to keep the emergency alive. 

Of course, these aren’t vaccines, in the classic sense.  To quote Dr. Malone again, “at best, these are inoculations.” 

But those who don’t support the story line can lose their careers, their licenses, and worse. 

So, to this day, most will repeat that the “vaccines” are safe and effective; and there are no other treatments available. 

However, it gets far more aggressive than that.  For example, the government also paid bounties to hospitals for COVID-19 admissions. 

I was personally in two different hospitals, for brief, simple visits.  Each one detained me for as much as an hour, hoping to admit me for COVID.  That’s terrifying.  It’s also profitable. 

Doctors On TILT 

That brings us to the heart of the problem. 

COVID vaccines have made billionaires in the world of Big Pharma.  Literally.
Other authorities have assumed astonishing international power. 

They don’t want to give that up. 

For sure, they don’t want some Primary telling his patients not to get the vaccine.  

That’s not going to be allowed. 

Here, in Florida, it’s easy to find a doc who managed to slip out of Communist Cuba.  After a lifetime under tyranny, these survivors know perfectly well how to accommodate government mandates. 

Like many others in their profession, they take the route of least resistance…
They may violate their oath.
And violate the Nuremberg Code.
And endanger the lives of their patients. 

This is very unusual behavior in the medical world.

There’s no need be judgmental about it.
It’s both tragic and understandable.
Also, I recommend getting out of their way. 


There are many old jokes about egos in the medical profession.  

With that underlying reputation, I was surprised that more docs hadn’t taken exception to being told how to practice medicine. 

I knew about The Great Barrington Declaration.  And I knew about the FLCCC Alliance.
Two bold initiatives to set things right. 

I had forgotten that the professionals who had signed on had been silenced and ridiculed at every turn.  

Today, docs are pushing back.  And it’s getting visible.

As studies are finally being made public, it’s easier for [those who know what they’re talking about] to point out truly damning evidence. 

Some are calling for all COVID vaccines to be withdrawn immediately. 


This resistance has grown.  Influential docs are leaving hospitals to start independent practices. 

The logic is simple:  Everybody in a hospital is either a patient or an employee.
Employees do what they’re told. 

Docs who don’t want their licenses threatened for thinking independently, are prepared to move along. 

Recruiter’s View 

Intimidation is intense in the medical world.  I can still find doctors’ lobbies that look like crime scenes.  (Who puts yellow caution tape on lobby seating?)

One hospital asked me four questions to determine my gender.  Are we really practicing medicine, here?

To my mind, anyone standing between me and my healthcare is clearly not helping.
Further, anyone who can’t stay in the room or maintain eye-contact may well have gone On TILT. 

But we are not abandoned.  We just have to work a little harder to assemble our medical team. 

I have huge respect for the medical professionals who can stand up to the B.S. that threatens them. 

Regarding Big Pharma, they’ve been misbehaving for decades, pandering to China.  It’s no surprise that they would lunge for the money. 

Small Pharma is sometimes a different story.  With regulations stacked against them, market access is extremely difficult.
Deep at this end of the spectrum, there are innovators who are only in business because they love what they do. 

There’s a certain purity that surrounds courage and dedication to the pursuit. 

I’m always interested in that.