Buying In To Bias

By Ted Dieck | Recruiter’s View - Employment Scene | Feb 14, 2022

Software written for Recruiters and Hiring Authorities often proposes to overcome bias, using Artificial Intelligence.  The premise is, human bias creates blind spots, causing missed opportunities. 

Shocker:  We’re all biased, all the time.  That includes the programmers who wrote the software.

Every living thing has always had (and always will have) bias.
Does that make it a character flaw? 

Bias is nature’s survival strategy.  It’s our fastest way to access core knowledge to make an instant, gut level friend-or-foe, fight-or-flight decision. 

There is no decision, ever, that isn’t based on an underlying bias. 

So, why do we have to overcome it?

Go With The Bias

Bias is not the enemy.  

It’s a force to be harnessed. 

When you truly understand another person (or organization) you can anticipate their instincts and responses. 

Always look for their bias. 

It’s your quickest route to success.