Finding Diamonds

By Ted Dieck | Recruiter’s View - Employment Scene | Jan 12, 2022

These are the times when Exceptional Candidates suddenly become available.  There’s a reason for that. 

Employee Concerns 

High performers have more than a few concerns, right now.  While the country and their employers have been roiling in chaos, these are the people who held things together.  Their colleagues might have been idled, for various reasons.  But the high performers often took on an increased work load, just to deliver on their companies’ promises.  

They did that at a time when their employers had little or no ability to properly compensate them.  In fact, the lingering threat of contract cancelations and more downsizing compounded the tension.  

COVID restrictions created a sense of isolation.  Promotions, bonuses, and pay increases often failed to materialize.  

Fatigue, disappointment, family concerns, and real economic hardship may have opened the door to considering new opportunities.  

Employer Concerns 

We have previously reviewed the political and economic pressures that have intruded on corporate management.  It all introduces an annoying level of instability.  

Companies know they don’t have enough people.  But efforts to hire are not always rewarding.  New employees may not “stick.”  Turnover seems high.  And applicants sometimes negotiate aggressively. 

Recruiter’s View 

It’s tough to reach an agreement when nobody believes anybody. 

There’s an emotional gulf between Candidates and Employers at times like these.  Money is always a factor.  But I believe restoring faith is key to reaching an agreement.  

Honestly, there are two aggrieved parties, and both want to be heard.  If you can accomplish that level of mutual acceptance, you can begin to restore Stability, Trust, and maybe even a good working relationship. 

Amazing things can come from that.