Masking Unmasked

By Ted Dieck | Recruiter’s View - | Nov 13, 2021

At all.  That was my criteria.  Not what the mask was made of.  Not whether it was worn correctly.  I just wondered who was wearing a mask, and when were they wearing it. 

My trip pushed me past thousands and thousands of people. Here’s what I learned… 

The hotel required front-line employees to wear masks, especially, when they are charging a lot of money for nothing in particular.

I think this was to conceal their identity. 

Other employees, like in Housekeeping, rarely wear masks.
Considering what they have to clean up every day, COVID-19 is like a breath of fresh air to them. 

The hotel overlooked a convention center.  Event entry required vaccination or a negative test.  And a mask.
You could also see the stadium, where 68,000 maskless maniacs had recently sat elbow-to-elbow at the World Series.

So, you can’t get COVID-19 at sporting events.

But you can get it at a convention.
But only on the first day.

By the second day, easily two-thirds of the folks on the floor weren’t wearing masks.

That pretty much changed at the airport.
Everybody was wearing masks, again.
Except pilots.

If you’re a pilot, you can’t get COVID-19.

That includes the pilot that replaced his “Welcome Aboard” speech with a list of directives and punishments regarding mask-compliance. 

He wasn’t wearing a mask.

If you ever wanted to be a pilot, go to a restaurant or bar.
You won’t be able to fly a plane, but medically speaking, your immune system becomes invincible to COVID-19.

This is good to know.

Reliable studies prove that alcoholics may die of liver disease but not from a virus.
Actually, that last statement was completely false.

As we know, almost everybody always dies of COVID-19.
And why not.  The government pays more for COVID-19.

That’s all the information I was able to gather.
It was a short trip.  -TD