Landmark – U.S. Military Leaves Iraq

The last U.S. forces unceremoniously pulled out of Iraq today.

Literally. I can find no reference to any Good Luck/Fair Well/Thanks For Freeing Us/Don’t Let The Door Hit You On The Way Out Ceremony.

News headlines often included the phrase “ending the war,” or something similar. Film crews featured extensive coverage of elated U.S. troops finally coming home.

Other voices acknowledge that there is no end to war in the Mid East.  Violence in Iraq will likely escalate.

Iraq can’t run its own supply lines, let alone defend itself.

And Iran is a nuclear-capable terrorist sponsor.  Tehran is very clear about its violent and expansive intentions.

I would assume that Iran will begin participating in Iraq almost immediately.  We’ll check back in a year.

Recruiter’s View

This is a very hot topic and a very complicated topic.  My notes here merely register an event for future reference.

However, from a recruiter’s point of view, and focusing purely on job creation…

Oil and gas interests in the Middle East are immediately at increased risk.

U.S. based energy production will feel new urgency for building out our domestic capacity.

Employment will increase with those efforts.