Food and Energy

By Ted Dieck | Recruiter’s View - Economy - Employment Scene - Energy - Pick | Mar 20, 2011

Look at it this way: If rising prices include an indication of demand, wouldn’t that also point to where jobs are being created?

If you don’t need to eat and you don’t care to do anything, you’re in pretty good shape.

Otherwise, the Producer Price Index is here to tell you what you already know: The cost of food and energy is starting to run up in an attention getting sort of way.

Published Reports

Here’s a nice summary from USA Today:

Food Prices Surge; Housing Starts Plunge

And here’s the source information:

Producer Price Index

Recruiter’s View

When rising costs in the PPI convert to rising prices in the Consumer Price Index, we can draw some interesting conclusions:

We have demand. Supplies are insufficient. And producers have pricing power. (They can raise prices and get away with it.)

To me, that means employment opportunities will remain strong in the food (including water) and energy industries. In energy, my particular favorite is Natural Gas.

My focus for all of these is automation. Odd for a recruiter to say, but the goal of automation is to reduce the cost of labor. Count me in!